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Back in 1854, Louis Vuitton suitcases pioneered the modern combination of practical and elegant as one, fully meet the changes of the era of transport and customer needs change of life. India Baroda kings explorer, expedition to Africa and the Congo and its capital and the creation of Cheap Louis Vuitton Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, actor Douglas Fairbanks, American writer Ernest Hemingway, designer Jeanne Lanvin, even the artist Damien Hirst and members of the Hollywood actress Sharon Stone Louis Vuitton suitcases are loyal customers.

Today, Louis Vuitton all travel hard case is still in production workshop located in Asnieres, Paris, France. Asnieres workshop manual Louis Vuitton is definitely the heart of the Louis Vuitton Outlet hub. From 1859 to 1977, more than one century long years, located in the Paris suburb of Asnieres workshop Louis Vuitton is still the only production base. Subsequently the Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags brand does not expand into new markets, increasing demand for products, brands must build more production workshop to meet market demand. But until today, Asnieres workshop is still a symbol of Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton special order department still here to provide customers with a unique service, vividly show the Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags brand combines tradition and innovation spirit unique concept. In the past century and a half of Louis Vuitton Asnieres workshop produced a total of hundreds of suitcases, distributed in every corner of the earth.

Next, YOKA Xiaobian you order a bit early for the trailer that appeared antique Louis Vuitton luggage, Louis Vuitton Wallets along the way you look at 150 years of history!

From the earliest exposure "step away" official movie stills we can see that Louis Vuitton Belts Jiang domineering side after a bus carrying Louis Vuitton suitcase antique cars. This special canvas suitcase onboard system in 1914. Suitcase exterior design, especially the elegant rear of the vehicle itself and the body hanger space. Wooden top design can be more firmly mounted in the automobile luggage rack. Na Ying stills command handling this is the Louis Vuitton Outlet Handbags first classic Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas suitcase car, made in 1897, inspired by a major automobile manufacturers and cooperation. This section suitcase with Louis Vuitton Sunglasses a spring clasp, both dust and moisture sealing is excellent.

This is contained in the rear of the Authentic Louis Vuitton classic Monogram canvas-mail system in 1909. Classic Monogram canvas suitcase surface, each wrapped in a corner by a black iron, making the luggage by the impact generated when the Louis Vuitton Outlet Store bumps and still be able to provide good protection for clothing. Box has two compartments, respectively, can be placed clothes and accessories. This suitcase is designed specifically for the gentleman, whose inspiration comes from the mailbox. Label suitcase on display, its owner might be staying in Naples, Italy Vesuvius Mount Hotel.

The shooting, unprecedented since Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet Museum in Paris to lend more than just a century antique trunk, one flash movie antique luggage, as if it is a section of the Louis Vuitton Outlet Online clear history records, and director Jiang Wen places most realistic look antique suitcase, vividly showing the movie during the Northern, hidden in the sense of feeling heavy and epic era on the beach. This is perhaps the brand itself expected it!